Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tax Refunds of Casino

USA especially Las Vegas is the dream place for every casino player. This place is well known all over the world as gambling town. I have a dream to come to there and try to play casino. Maybe you are, too. But are we ready to lose when playing casino ? Playing casino is full with challenges, we can win or loss quickly. Many factors influence it. Every gambler must understand about it. Sometimes they just think about winnings and not ready for losses.
As we know, US tax rule requires that casinos and other gambling establishments withhold 30% of the gambling winnings of international visitors (internal revenues service/IRS). I think 30% is very large gambling winnings tax , especially for international visitor like me. For canadian players, they can offset gambling losses against the gmabling winnings reported on form 1042-S and get some or all of the gambling tax back. Non US citizens from several countries also qualify for casino tax refunds of the 30% withholding on their casino winnings. We can see these list of eligible countries on

How can we get the casino tax rebate ? Please visit and you will get much information about it. They have established a reputation as best US tax recovery service in Canada. Now we can enjoy playing casino although we loss.

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