Monday, June 22, 2009

Online Trading

In the past, people depended on trading broker company to manage their funds on capital market like stock trading , foreign exchange trading, etc. Only rich people could trade on capital market, because they have much money. They were not free to make decisions, broker also had a right to controll trading transactions. But when clients have lost their trading, broker was not responsible. It was a weaknes of old system.

Now, trading is very easy for everyone even for beginner. People with less money can join on capital market. The information technology growth have also influenced capital market world. Manual broker is not too important now, because people can do trading via online broker . There are many online broker now and we can find them on internet easily. But I recommend one best service,

Firstrade is a leading discount online brokerage serving investors for over 23 years. Many reasons why I choose them, like they provide account protection up to $150 million dollars. No minimum deposit for anyone wanting to invest. They offer 10,000 types of mutual funds. No hidden fees, low margin rates, no fee IRAs, free devident reinvestment, no inactivity or account maintenance fees, and many others. I think Firstrade is best choice for online trading now. Firstrade's commitment as an online discount broker to offer the most for the least struck a chord with investors. Firstrade grew rapidly, providing self-directed investors with fast order execution, excellent customer service, and exceptional site performance. Major industry publications including Barron's, Forbes, and Smart Money have all rated Firstrade as one of the best online brokers for consecutive years.

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