Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cooperation Indonesia–Slovakia Economic and Business Cooperation

Indonesia and Slovakia agreed to strengthen cooperation in trade, investment, and business as stated after an official visit of Slovakian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miroslav Lajcak to Indonesia on 29-30 March 2010. Indonesian and Slovakian Ministers of Foreign Affairs open workshop on “The Role of the UN in Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operation and Post Conflict Peace Building: Towards an ASEAN Perspective” held by both countries in Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta. Both Ministers also signed the Indonesian-Slovakian Visa Free Agreement for Diplomatic and Official Pasport Holders as well as Cooperation Agreement on science, education, culture, sport and youth.

Minister Lajcak had a bilateral meeting with Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa and courtesy calls to Indonesian Minister of Defense, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, and Coordinating Minister for Economics, Hatta Rajasa. Slovakia has stated its preparedness to supply primary defense weapon system for Indonesian National Army in the future. Slovakia has taken into account some steps to strengthen defense cooperation, for example through the exchange visits of defense officials of both countries. In order to give a sturdy foundation for the defense cooperation between the two countries, Slovakia has been ready to propose a draft of MoU concerning defense cooperation to Indonesia.

Both Ministers of Foreign Affairs agreed to strengthen the on going bilateral relation, particularly in economics. Slovakia considers economic relation with Indonesia as important, especialy to overcome the impacts of the global financial crisis which has caused its economic slow down of 4,7% and unemployment increase of 11% in 2009. According to the Indonesian Board of Statistic Centre, the volume of bilateral trade between Indonesia and Slovakia is not yet significant though it is continuously increasing since 2004. The trade volume reached USD 73,3 million or an increase of 16% in 2009.

In connection to this matter, Indonesia and Slovakia have commited to conduct the Indonesia and Slovakia 2nd Joint Commision Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia on 29-30 April 2010. During the meeting, there will be a negotiation on the new Agreement on Protection and Improvement of Investment between Indonesia and Slovakia to replace the agreement of 1994 to facilitate investment cooperation.

Indonesian and Slovakian Ministers of Foreign Affairs also shared the views on some regional and global issues. Indonesian ministers explained the progress of the ASEAN integration and Indonesian position toward some global issues, such as conflict in Middle East, Afghanistan, as well as on UN reformation. Meanwhile, Slovakian Minister explained the development in European Union.

In investment, Slovakia is interested to invest in the development of hydro/thermal station and cement in Indonesia. Besides, Indonesia and Slovakia are now exploring the potential of cooperation on the marketing of Indonesian CPO in Slovakian and European market as well as tropical wheat in Indonesia.

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