Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sometimes we are confuse to choose between Investment or saving when we have more money. If you want to feel safe, you can deposit your money on the bank. But if you want your money grow up quickly, place your money on one of many investment instrument like stocks trading, options trading, forex trading, futures, mutual funds, exchange trade funds, etc. But remember that this choice is very risky, your money may grow up quickly or loose quickly, too. So, we must prepare ourselves with worst chance. If you love challenge, investing your money is good choice.

If you are a beginner about instrument of investment, you can search on internet or buy a guide book on bookstore. At least, we must have a little knowledge about it so we will act carefully. It is simple to start by choosing a good broker to manage our invest. But now we can do it ourselves because we can use online broker . There are many online broker on internet, one of them is In my opinion this company is very trusty, because Firstrade provides one of the best account protection available in the discount stock brokerage industry. Your account is protected up to $150 million dollars. The other reasons to choose firsttrade are no minimum deposit, no hidden fees, no inactivity or account maintenance fees, free S&P reports and 5 star recommendations, real-time portfolio tracker, exceptional customer service, free devident reinvestment, no fee IRAs, low margin rates, low commissions, etc. There are several types of online trading on firsttrade : stock, options, mutuaf funds, exchange traded funds, fixed income, etc. online trading is the best choice for you who have more money but have no spare time to manage it.

Stock trading on firstrade listed on the NYSE and AMEX, Nasdaq stock market, or the over –the counter (OTC) market such as the OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets. It is very complete. Hurry ! Join firstrade to begin invest and start getting many advantages !

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